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A harsh wind blows on the wastelands around the massive peaks. As you fly with your Pokémon towards Stormrage Mountain, you wonder if this desolation is the fate awaiting the entire world. After a moment, however, you dismiss these thoughts, and tell yourself to not lose faith. Meanwhile, you read again the letter you received from that enigmatic organization, the "New Dawn". It doesn't explain much about the current situation besides what you knew already, and it does not even tell you who actually sent you this letter. You know, however, that only the most recognized trainers around the world received it - with you among them.

As you approach the great mountain, the winds get more intense and strong, forcing you to fly at a lower altitude. Suddendly, you note a relatively small fortification near the base of the massif, surmounted by flags featuring the same emblem drawn on the letter you still carry with yourself. You land near its entrance, calling back the Pokémon which allowed you to get here. As you reach the gate, the two guards salute you respectfully saying "We were waiting for you, trainer. Please, this way", and open the metallic door behind them pulling a heavy chain. As you enter the keep, a man in a black and red cloak welcomes you with a serious yet somehow warm expression. You suddendly recognize him as the champion of the Johto and Kanto regions, Lance.

"I'm glad you accepted our plea for help, trainer", said the dragon master as he leads you to his headquarters. Along the way, you look carefully around yourself. Several people, some of which dressing the insignia of the New Dawn, are training in the inner courtyard, while others are patrolling the wall-walks. "Don't you owe me an explaination, Lance?", you ask to the champion once you are all sit at a rough wooden table. "Yes, I do", nods Lance, "and I apologize for the trouble I indirectly caused you. The situation here is really desperate, and all the efforts of the New Dawn have so far failed to stop the weather anomaly". "What's the New Dawn?", you demand perplexed, "and what's exactly happening here? The surrounding plains have turned into barren wastes."

"Some years ago, after the crises which involved various regions around the world, seven among of the most notable trainers decided to join into an organization whose aim would have been to protect the world from any future disasters. We called this entity the New Dawn. I contributed to found it together with the champions Steven, Wallace, Cynthia, Alder, N, and the human-made Pokémon, Mewtwo, and took responsibility for watching over the Stormrage Mountain. However, recently the situation suddendly aggravated, to the point I suspect it's getting completely out of control. I tried to ask the other champions for help, but I managed to get answer only from Wallace, who explained me the New Dawn is troubled by many problems since Mewtwo mysteriously disappeared, roughly six months ago".

"Therefore, I decided to ask the support of the best trainers in the nearby regions. I don't know how many I managed to contact, and sadly only a handful besides you came to help. We would probably need more forces, but we cannot wait any more, or it may very well be too late to do anything". "Tell me what can I do, Lance", you say, without much hesitation. The dragon master glances over you for some seconds, then speaks. "We identified a route which leads to the top of the mountain, but the fury of elements makes it unusable at the moment. So, for now, we can attempt to look for the cause of the anomaly on the surrounding peaks. Our guards will show you the path, but they can't go too much away from the fortress, so you'll soon be on your own. Moreover, the entire zone recently was shaken by sudden quakes, which greatly damaged the walls. We dug a tunnel which connects to the inner caverns underneath the mountain. I suspect there is something off there, too. Remember, though, that if you ever are to venture outside, you should probably not go alone. Anyway, now I must return to my duties. As long as you stay here, you'll be granted a room in the military quarters. Good luck, trainer".

As Lance leaves you alone, you gaze over the chart lying on the wooden table. It is a representation of Stormrage Mountain, with four main points of interest underlined. Eye of the Storm is on the top of the mountain, and seems unaccessible as the champion told you. The other three zones - Wildfire Plateau, Frozen Vault, Cliff of Thunder - are probably the areas the dragon master was talking about. You reflect for some instants, and finally leave the headquarters, looking for any other recruits which may be going to organize an expedition within the hostile territories of Stormrage Mountain.

Stormrage Depths
Frozen Vault
Wildfire Plateau
Cliff of Thunder
Eye of the Storm


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This promises to be exciting. Thanks for putting all of this up! (sorry for posting in wrong thread)
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